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Sugar Is Not The Cause Of Diabetes Mellitus

Sugar Is Not The Cause Of Diabetes Mellitus

Doctors-4uDiabetes is now a common disease in society. The disease, which until now has no cure, is quite dangerous for the human body. Because many effects that will cause this disease. If it has been infected, then what we can do is neutralize blood sugar levels through proper food consumption.

Experts agree diabetes is the biggest health problem in the 21st century, in fact there are still many people who shrug when asked about the possibility of suffering from this disease. Apart from the symptoms that are not visible, not a few who still think the disease is caused by too much intake of sweet foods.

Factors that cause a high number of sufferers are due to changes in diet, causing increased fat and lack of physical activity. The association of this disease with sugar may stem from the fact that diabetics must limit their sugar intake.

Diabetics not only avoid overeating foods that contain carbohydrates, such as rice, wheat, flour. But also avoid consuming too much soft drinks, coffee cream, alcoholic beverages, smoking, and dried fruit such as meses.

In healthy people, glucose is automatically absorbed by cells. The body uses insulin produced by pancreatic B cells to open cell receptors so that glucose can enter. However, in people suffering from diabetes, insulin resistance occurs so that blood sugar can not enter.


Diabetes is a disease that attacks silently but it will eventually become a disaster. This disease that is increasingly common every year kills three million people worldwide.

Complications that may be caused by diabetes are acute, such as hypoglycemia (too low blood sugar) or hyperglycemia (too high blood sugar), or chronic complications.

That is why it is very important to check blood sugar in order to be aware of rising blood sugar levels, especially if you have a family history of this disease, you are over 40 years old, suffer from obesity or show symptoms of this disease.

Improve Diet

One way to avoid diabetes is to maintain a normal weight, exercise regularly, and improve diet. This means eating a healthy diet that is focused on fruits and vegetables.

Research shows for every 40 grams of excess fat you eat in a day, your risk of suffering from diabetes has tripled. And if you already have diabetes, you have a great chance of experiencing complications.

Meanwhile diabetics are advised to eat every four or five hours in small portions. Nevertheless diabetics are still advised to be careful in consuming sugar. The need for sweet food can be satisfied with low-calorie artificial sweeteners.

At present there is no cure for diabetes. That’s why love yourself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes diet, exercise, rest, and avoiding stress. Even diabetics who have a healthy lifestyle can keep blood sugar stable so that the disease can be controlled.

Avoid Excessive Fatigue

Some people might get diabetes, even though they have maintained their diet. This is because of other causes, such as fatigue, both physical fatigue and thought exhaustion.

Keeping the body from excessive activity and keeping our minds fresh is an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most people will probably answer that they have too many life problems.

Understand that problems in life will always exist. It’s just how we deal with it. All beings will encounter problems according to their abilities.

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