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5 Healthy Habits You Need to Adopt for 2020 (and tips for forming habits)

5 Healthy Habits You Need to Adopt for 2020 (and tips for forming habits)

Doctors-4u – 2020 is starting soon. That means it’s time for new habits. So, why not take on ‘health’ as the grand theme of this year. We’re here to give you the scoop on some fun habits to try. But first we’ll tackle the misconception of “new year, new me”.

Why 2020?

Starting again at the new years might sound like an empty promise. But, there’s actually a lot of benefit from starting on the new years. First, new years means that there’s a lot of new people aiming at new goals. This makes a rush of positive and determined vibe throughout the first few months. Kick starting your habit is easier if you find a partner that’s as eager to do the same thing.

New years is also a good place to start because you have some time for reflection in the months before. Usually, in the middle of the year, reflection is unthinkable. When you’ve had a good holiday and a time to reflect, you’ll have a clarity of mind. That clarity is what’s needed to put your mind in the game. 

What habits should I try?

Here are five top picks of habits that we feel you need to try in this new year:

  1. Intuitive eating

    We bet this term is unlike any diet you’ll ever hear. Intuitive eating pushes you to listen to your heart on deciding what to eat. When you do this, you need to educate yourself on what food is nutritious or not. Knowledge plus self compassion makes your higher self push you to a healthier diet.
  2. Sleep well

    This might be a no brainer. But it is actually one of the key to a healthier life. Sleep makes you more creative, energized, and emotionally balanced. Aim to get more than five hours of uninterrupted sleep. Plus, develop a before bed routine that makes you calm.
  3. Get hydrated

    Hydration is all the rage now and for good reasons. Since our body is made of water, hydration is the key of a high energy throughout the day. Therefore, minimize coffee, soda, and tea. Swap it for water instead.
  4. Find and stick to your workout routine

    Not all workout routine is made the same. You need to find one that works for you. Spend months exploring and finding your own routine. Soon, you’ll find a routine that you’ll love.
  5. Regular physical exam

    Physical examination is such an underrated habit. Aim to get checked every few months. This is a good investment if you want a perfect health.

How to form a good habit? 

Forming a good habit is tricky. But, we’re here to give you our secret tips to making any habit last. The first tip is to know the why. Why are you doing this? You have to have a deep reason on why you want to do something. Otherwise, you’ll convince yourself that the goal can be abandoned. 

The next reason is you need to make it measurable. If you don’t keep track on the progress of your goal, you’ll feel discouraged. That’s why you need to make it measurable. You can do this by setting mini goals per week. Holistically, you’ll see how much progress you’ve made after months of hard work. 

The last secret is to reward yourself. What will you give yourself once you get the goal. A good gift gives yourself more reason to pursue the goal. 

So, are you sold on the idea of trying these habits? Apply our tips on habit making while you’re at it. the new year is coming soon, start creating your plan!

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