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  • Welcome to our Doctors4U® Special Seniors links!

    Here to help you!

    We have three locations of links. On our Main Index page or home page are our General links for everyone! Then on this page and each City Home page are Special Links for Seniors!

    These links have been placed here for you because we care about our Seniors.
    It is our desire and dedication to help you and keep you informed as much as we possibly can, not only with matters concerning your Health but also whatever else we feel we can provide and do to help you enjoy your twilight years! Remember you can find more Senior links for your area on your City page.

    The following links are to various Web sites which we feel maybe of interest and benefit to our Seniors. These sites display information for you.

  • Ageing Information
    This is an Australian site that provides an abundance of information for the ageing.
    Things such as looking after your affairs to keeping your mind active. This site is well worth a look.
  • Carelink Services ( Commonwealth )
    A special information service which is confidential, covering aged care, disability and other support services.

  • Council on the Aging (COTA)
    Aims to protect and promote the interests and well being of older people in a variety of ways including representations to Government to ensure appropriate policy.

  • Elder Abuse Prevention Help Line
    A confidential information, support and referral service for anyone experiencing or witnessing the abuse of an elder person.
    This is telephone only. Telephone 1300 651 192 ( cost of a local call )

  • This is a really wonderful site. We feel you may have many hours of fun here. As you look around you will notice there are chat rooms where you can chat with other Seniors. There is also a Seniors Positions Vacant Board, a Message Board, a Seniors News Spot as well as shopping opportunities for all those who like shopping and much much more.We feel sure you will enjoy this site. Enjoy it!

  • Want to know more about your medicines? This is a National Prescribing Service called Medicines Line. This is an independent information service which will provide you with confidential information on any prescription medicines, over the counter medicines as well as herbal and natural therapies. Supposing you are not being treated by a Doctor and have obtained some over the counter medicines or herbal or natural therapies and want to know more about them. Well these are the people to ask. However, please remember they are not an emergency service and do not replace the advice of your Doctor or Pharmacist! Their telephone is 1300 888 763 and better still, have a look at their web site at

  • Are you looking at learning more? or maybe taking a course for enjoyment and at the same time keeping your brain active? Well this site is called Open Learning Australia and may well be worth a look!

    Then there is another:-

  • This one is called Adult Learning Australia which is also well worth checking out if you are considering a course. Remember, keeping your brain active is good for us all. We all need to keep our brain active as possible because then we feel the benefits in other areas of our lives.

  • This site is a wonderful Commonwealth Government site for older Australians explaining the services, programs and benefits that are currently available to them across Australia. It addresses the needs of both dependent older people and healthy older people.

  • Information about residential care services in Australia. This site is another great Government site for the older Australian because it gives information about community and residential care services. It also shows the number of certified facilities and places, state by state.

  • Lupus Association of Tasmania inc.
    PO Box 639, Launceston, 7250,
    Tasmania, Australia

    Website: Click here
    This is a great site and if you are a Lupas sufferer or know someone that is please have a look at this site. They support ALL auto-immune diseases and related syndromes and diseases.
  • Parkinson's Disease - Want to know more about this disease? Here is a great Australian site that provides links to State organisations, support groups as well as the latest in research.

  • The is an American Web site on the same subject which also offers various information on the disease and its treatments.

  • Centrelink

  • Department of Family and Community Services

  • Department of Veterans' Affairs

  • Department of Health and Aging

  • Seniors Enquiry Line. Check this site if you are caring for your Grandchildren!

  • Seniors - Have you questions about aged care fees?
    You can call the Government Aged and Community info line on 1800 500 853 or go to their Web site at

  • Seniors Government Web site for over 50's - A very helpful and useful site for Seniors.

  • Seniors - are you a Senior who would like to do volunteer work?
    There are a number of organisations out there and here is a good place to start. Have a look at the Australian site for volunteering.

  • British Pensioner? Here is information for you from the British Australian Pensioner Association. It may help with an questions you may have.

  • Worked in Slovenia? A new social security agreement between Australia and Slovenia is expected to commence on January 1 - 2004. Check out the Centrelink page.

  • Do you Suffer from Diabetes? Many Australians do, including Seniors. Here is an informative site called Diabetes Australia.

  • Help in Retirement? The Department of Family and Community Services produces free information booklets that provide a wealth of information on various topics from investments to support services. They are FREE and available from

  • Swimming For Exercise! One of the best exercises for staying or getting fit is swimming!
    Even if you don't know how to swim you are never too old to learn. Aussi Masters Swimming Australia is a non profit organisation who encourage swimming, regardless of age. It is wonderful for fitness, friendship and fun. However, please speak to your Doctor first! Have a look at the Aussi Masters site at

  • Fishing. Fishing is a great relaxation for many Seniors. This site is dedicated to fishing and here you will find many hints and tips. We feel sure you will enjoy looking at this site and reading about the tides and the weather and much more. You can even chat with other like minded people.

  • Bushwalking. Quite often Seniors enjoy bush walking. This site shows you the various clubs around Australia as well as maps and other information for bushwalkers and more.

  • Camping. Maybe you like camping? On this site you can search and look through various Caravan parks and camping areas in Australia. It has nearly everything a camper could require.

  • Cricket. Cricket anyone? We have had Fishing, Bushwalking and Camping so for you keen Cricket fans be sure to see what's on this site. Titled the 'Baggy Green'. This is the official home of Cricket Australia! We feel sure you will enjoy!

  • Cricket Statistics. This site is for those really dedicated cricket fans.Here you can see the latest statistics and ratings for various players and teams and you can even read about Sir Donald's past performances.

  • Stock Exchange. For all those Seniors are interested in the Stock Market.

  • NRL. We have cricket links so we feel it is only fair that we cater for our footy fans as well!

  • AFL. Much information for the followers of AFL
  • AFL News.
    See this site for all the latest AFL news.

  • Bored?
    Just in case you are! Here is a site that links to some other very interesting sites. There all types of things you can do. There are links to crosswords, movie reviews, horoscopes, games and various other things to keep you amused. Check it out at:

  • Stay Healthy - Specially for the aging!
    This is a link to the Victoria Better Health Channel's site. Special information on exercise and nutrition for the older person. Well worth a look.

    Have you information about any help services or Web sites that may benefit our Seniors?

    e-mail us

    Because we care - We want to help wherever we can!

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