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Can Anyone Help?

12 months ago, last August, I was walking and driving my car, and now I am quadriplegic, totally reliant on the help of others.

I have been diagnosed with having neuropathy / MND.

I've had acupuncture and IVIG. The IVIG did give me slight improvement, however my neurologist has advised that now being diagnosed with MND it now excludes me from any further IVIG treatment.

Can anyone help please?

Or does anyone know of anyone who may be able to?

Click here to Email me

This is one of our staff members who has been diagnosed with this hideous condition.

He has given many years to helping others so now we hope there is someone out there with help for him.

We pray that someone is out there to help him find some answers.




What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral Neuropathy is damage to the peripheral nervous system it interrupts communication between the brain and other parts of the body. This can impair muscle movement, prevent normal sensation in the hands and feet, and cause different feelings including numbness, tingling, cold and pain.

So all the strange feelings, you can experience from peripheral neuropathy aren't just imagined. The nerves in your feet can become diseased or damaged as a result of other ailments such as diabetes.

Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy:
All kinds of conditions can result in Peripheral Neuropathy:
" Lifestyle and habits:
o Diet (you are what you eat! Probably heard of that one before!)
o Vitamin deficiencies
o Lack of physical exercise
o Smoking (major contributor!)
o Secondhand smoke
o Medications
" Infections
" Exposure to toxic substances and chemicals
" Genetics (This condition is often passed down from generation to generation).

" Other Diseases:
" Diabetes
" Alcoholism
" Hypertension
" Autoimmune Disease
" Cancer
" Heart Disease

How will I know if I have Neuropathy in my Feet?
Signs and symptoms of Neuropathy in your toes and feet may include:
" Numbness in toes
" Toes start to tingle
" Tingling toes will spread up into the feet
" Feeling like you're already wearing socks when you know you're not
" Feet may feel like they're burning and/or freezing
" Toes and feet may throb, especially at night
" Erratic shooting nerve pain
" Feet and toes may sweat
" Skin will be sensitive to touch
" In some cases, a loss of sensitivity on the bottoms of your feet
" Loss of balance and coordination
" Difficulty walking and standing

Some estimates by medical research groups state that up to 20 million Americans suffer from some form of peripheral neuropathy (PN) and this number is much higher when worldwide statistics are considered. One major reason for the rise in incidence for these conditions of damage to the nerves in the body that results in pain and dysfunction in them is the increase in cases of diabetes and pre-diabetic syndromes. There are many other causes of PN however, including old age, viral infections, nutritional deficiencies, various autoimmune diseases, dysfunction of the arterial system (blood circulation) and drug-use.

One of our staff members has this dreaded disease and describes it as horendous!

In the States DR Phillips has been claiming success with

Acupuncture. Have a look at his site here:

There appears to be little known about this dreadful disease in Australia. However, we are continuing to search daily for infomation and when we do find something we will display it here!

In the meantime here is a link to the Neuropathy Association in America.






The Federal Government are looking at more changes to
Private Health - Click below



We are a group of like-minded parents who aim to help others who are in a similar position to us. The objective of our organisation is to help families find the services and support they need when they have a child with a rare chromosome disorder or disease.

We aim to do this by providing direct relief through support online and in social settings. We are creating a place where as individuals and families we can all feel accepted and supported.

See our Web site - Click here


brings you updated information on issues such as health care costs, increasing pressures on the public hospital system and Government policies which affect you and your family.

Rebate and Private Health Insurance.

Legislation to Means-Test 30% Rebate passed through Lower House

Unfortunately, the legislation to means-test the rebate passed through the lower house today and now an uncertain period lies ahead for Australia’s health system.

The passage of the means-testing legislation through the Lower House signals a shift in the balance of Australian healthcare.

The consequence of the Gillard Government’s decision to means-test the 30% Rebate is that Australians needing healthcare will be torn between increasing costs and longer waiting lists.

Private Healthcare Australia has consistently cautioned that means-testing the 30% Rebate will force people out of the private healthcare sector and into the public system, and it will force premiums up for those who remain in private cover.

To find out more and view our media release, click here>>>


I agree that The consequence of the Gillard Government’s decision to means-test the 30% Rebate is that Australians needing healthcare will be torn between increasing costs and longer waiting lists. The system cannot cope now!

And I cannot see how many people, particularly pensioners are going to be able to afford private health. Then again can they afford to drop out? Just imagine the stress and strain it is going to put on our old people! Premiums are set to rise again soon before this legislation passed.

Private Healthcare Australia has consistently cautioned that means-testing the 30% Rebate will force people out of the private healthcare sector and into the public system, and it will force premiums up for those who remain in private cover.

I agree with Private Healthcare Australia that the Government has made many incorrect assumptions during this debate, like failing to consider the impact of people downgrading their private health cover, and not taking into account the flow on effects into the public hospital system of those people who drop and downgrade their cover.

I feel it is a sad day.



Recently there have been a lot of accidents involving older drivers. As a result this has there has been much publicity and raised the subject of driver testing for older drivers.

What we forget is that a large number of older drivers got their licences many years ago, long before automatic vehicles. And they have had no instructions on driving an automatic. Subsequently many brake with their left foot, not knowing any better.

This is why many get into trouble. Recently there have been 2 cases that I know of where both older drivers claimed their foot had got stuck! Why? Obviously braking with their left!

How many times have you followed a car and seen the brake lights coming on and off while the car is still accelerating? Obviously driving with their left foot on the brake! Also a no no!

My personal experience. I was in Southport recently and as I was crossing in front of a parked car I could hear the engine roaring loudly. I went to the driver's door to see what the problem was. The driver, an older gentleman, wound his widow down and said, "my foot has got stuck." I looked and could see he had his left foot on the brake and his right on the accelorator. I explained to him what he was doing was causing the problem and that one SHOULD NEVER, EVER BRAKE WITH THEIR LEFT FOOT.


Many older drivers are good safe drivers having been on the road for many years. They drive defensively and look well ahead. They anticipate and are always on the lookout for the unexpected. No mobile phones, texting or the like while driving.

My Dad lived to 99 and drove till he was 98 and was still just so alert. I remember when he was a passenger with me, he was always still alert, and never missed a thing. Years of experience helped him as a driver. And he never failed to surprise me as to what he did see and notice of other drivers.

And remember, please, no talking on mobiles or texting whilst driving. Talking on a mobile while driving is as bad as driving under the influence.

I have mentioned this here because I feel if it helps one person to drive better and safer, and be less likely to cause an accident, it has served its purpose.

Remember, the life you save maybe your own!

Thank you for reading and understanding.

Editor. Ex -Police Traffic Sergeant.

December 2011.

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June 24, 2011

Save Your Rebate Campaign

Are you aware your Private Health Insurance Rebate is under threat?

In the 2011 Budget the government confirmed it is pushing ahead with the 2009 Budget measure to means-test the 30% Rebate on Private Health Insurance.

The proposed policy change introduces three ‘Private Health Insurance Incentive Tiers’ based on income thresholds. For low and middle-income earners, the existing 30% Rebate will remain in place, however singles earning over $80,000 or couples earning over $160,000 will receive a lower rebate if they choose to hold private health cover, but will face a higher surcharge if they choose not to hold private health cover, as a result of the increase in the Medicare Levy Surcharge.

You may be aware that the AHIA recently released the Deloitte Report into the economic impact of the Gillard Government’s plan to means-test the 30% Rebate.

According to the Government, the means-testing is meant to target the well-off but the Deloitte Report shows that as health fund members drop or downgrade their cover, health insurance will become more expensive for everyone.

The AHIA has developed a simple rebate calculator to find out what your current private health insurance rebate is worth and how much you may have to pay if the rebate is means-tested.

The AHIA, on behalf of its members, is actively lobbying the government to help keep the 30% Rebate. If you are concerned about the effect means-testing the 30% Rebate will have on our health system you can support the campaign by signing our online Save Your Rebate petition calling on your Federal Member of Parliament to reject the means-test.

Click here to sign the petition

The following is very important! Please read and if tempted to order
on line I respectfully suggest you think again!
Many of these people have been sending out Spam in our name to try and give themselves credibility.

Even though this is an American Article it is applicable to
all Australians!

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) said it now lists more than 5,000 Internet drug outlets as Not Recommended. These sites have been found to be out of compliance with pharmacy laws established in the United States to protect public health.

"There is a common misconception that prescription medications purchased from any Web site calling itself a pharmacy are safe," says NABP President Gary A. Schnabel, RN, RPh.

"Patients have grown to trust prescription medications in the US because the manufacturing and supply systems are tightly regulated to ensure safety. What many patients fail to realize, however, is that when buying medications from unknown sources online, those safeguards vanish, and the odds of getting counterfeit or substandard medication rise substantially."

Of the 5,008 sites listed as Not Recommended:

*More than 75% (4,029) dispense drugs without a valid prescription.

*More than half (2,762) accept a brief online questionnaire in place of a prescription. To be valid, and to ensure patient safety, a prescription must be based on a legitimate patient-practitioner relationship that has included a face-to-face physical examination.

*Nearly 25% (1,327) post a physical address located outside the US.

*Nearly half (2,436) do not provide any physical address. According to the World Health Organization, more than 50% of medicines purchased over the Internet from sites that conceal their physical address are counterfeit.

*Nearly 20% (956) do not have secure sites that protect patients' personal and financial information.

We thank Security ProNews for this report.


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