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Breast Screen Queensland


Breast Cancer Screening Service is available to Women over 40 years!

For information and appointments

13 20 50

A relocatable service is available
1st Floor ,
60 High Street, Southport

Telephone 5537 0333

Also at
West Burleigh

Telephone 5537 0687

Web site

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Gold Coast Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Ray Randle

Ph: (07) 5598 0094

Knees up: a radical procedure for replacements

Australian surgeons have pioneered a radical procedure for knee replacements, which for the first time can be done using keyhole surgery. According to medical professionals, it lessons the impact of surgery and dramatically improves the recovery time.

Douglas Blanchonette is one of 20,000 Australians undergoing knee replacements each year, a legacy of plenty of sport and age-related arthritis.

"I thought I was bulletproof when I was young," the knee replacement patient said.

In recent years, a trend to do partial knee replacements has resulted in smaller and smaller incisions. But now, Australian surgeon Ray Randle has developed a world first.

Using virtually a keyhole surgery technique, assisted by a camera on what's called an arthroscope, a hole about two centimetres is all that is needed to insert the partial knee replacement.

"By using this technique we don't disturb any deep soft tissues or muscle and that means there's less swelling and that the patient's recovery is much faster," said orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Ray Randle.

The Australian team developed special instruments to make the new procedure possible, recently demonstrated at the biggest orthopaedic conference in America.

Here, surgeons were so impressed that they have ordered the first run of instruments. However, they, and Australian surgeons, will need special training before the procedure is generally available.

"There's no doubt it's technically more difficult than doing it through an open cut, but it is certainly a win for the patient," said Dr Randle.

Patient Lorraine Leuckel was mobile just 48 hours after surgery.

"It's all fixed, none of the dramatic pain compared to the heartache that I thought I was going to be going through," she said.

Keyhole-arthroscopically assisted partial knee replacement:

Gold Coast Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Ray Randle

John Flynn Medical Centre
Inland Drive TUGUN

Ph: (07) 5598 0094

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Centres Australia


Latest Technology Mole & Melanoma Scanning
& Skin Cancer Removal Centre

Dr B E Carroll MBBS (Syd)

Play Safe & Have A Sunspec Once A year!

50 Cavill Avenue
Surfers Paradise
Free Undercover Parking

Telephone 5538 2233

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Dr Maurice Heiner

Consultation: Brisbane · Gold Coast

Dr Heiner is a founding Director of Respiratory and Sleep Specialists. Together with Drs Ian Brown and Robert Edwards, Maurice commenced performing sleep studies at the Wesley hospital in 1989. 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of delivering gold standard service in sleep medicine. He graduated from the University of Queensland in 1972 with a MBBS and was admitted to the Fellow College of Chest Physicians in 1982 and as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in 1996.

He has a special interest and extensive experience in Intensive Care Units (ICU) having formed the ICU Committees and founded "Modern" ICUs in Brisbane.

Dr Heiner consults from the John Flynn Medical Centre and the QML Suites in Robina on the Gold Coast and from his rooms at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane.

Maurice underwent extensive Respiratory and Sleep training in Australia, Canada and the US and holds licences to work in all 3 countries. He is a Founding member of the Asbestosis Research Group (Wesley Research Institute), Advocate Adviser to the Department of Veteran Affairs and is on the teaching board of Bond University Medical School. In addition to his consulting work, Maurice lectures extensively at medical conferences, universities and meetings in Australia and overseas.

Contact details:

Gold Coast Sleep Health Centre
Suite 1C John Flynn Medical Centre
John Flynn Private Hospital
Inland Dr, Tugun Q 4224
Ph: (07) 5598 0765
Fax: (07) 5598 0700
(By Appointment)

QML Suites
Shop A481 Robina Town Centre
Robina Town Centre Drive
Robina, Q 4230
Ph: (07) 5593 2017
Fax: (07) 5593 1950
(Monday’s Only)

Wesley Medical Centre
Suite 26, Level 2
40 Chasely Street
Auchenflower Q 4066
Ph: (07) 3870 4468
Fax: (07) 3371 3677

Dr Roo Killick

Consultation: Gold Coast


Dr Killick is a Respiratory and Sleep Physician consulting for the Respiratory and Sleep Specialists at the John Flynn Medical Centre, John Flynn Hospital, Tugun.

Roo is currently undertaking a PhD in Sleep Medicine with the Sleep and Circadian Group at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, investigating the impact of disordered sleep on endocrine and metabolic function.

She also is an associate physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney and a lecturer at Sydney University.

Roo originally graduated from Cambridge University and St Mary's Hospital Medical School, London, but has been based in Sydney for nearly a decade. During this time she has completed her specialist training in respiratory & sleep medicine at RPAH & St. Vincent's Hospital, including training in both intensive care medicine and lung transplantation.

Contact details:

Gold Coast Sleep Health Centre
Suite 1C, Level 1,
John Flynn Medical Centre
John Flynn Hospital
42 Inland Dr, Tugun Q 4224
Ph: (07) 5598 0765
Fax: (07)5598 0700




Dr David Lindsay

Consultation: Gold Coast


Dr Lindsay consults for Respiratory and Sleep Specialists at John Flynn Hospital on the Gold Coast. David is a partner of the Pindara Lung Function Laboratory and has 40 years experience as a Respiratory Specialist. He was Director of RPAH Respiratory Laboratory for 15 years and witnessed the first trial of CPAP therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in the world!

He worked at McGill University and Royal Victoria Hospital in Canada, undertaking a study on smoking cessation, one of many projects in his 40 year involvement with anti smoking campaigns.

His major research interests have included COPD prognosis and Asthma and Exercise, through collaboration with Dr Sandra Anderson. Dr Lindsay's on-going interests includes "at home Sleep Studies" and disorders of breathing during sleep.
Contact details:

Gold Coast Sleep Health Centre
Suite 1C John Flynn Medical Centre
John Flynn Private Hospital
Inland Dr, Tugun Q 4224
Ph: (07) 5598 0765
Fax: (07) 5598 0700
(By Appointment)

Dr Michael Thompson

Consultation: Gold Coast


Dr Thompson established the lung function laboratory at Pindara Hospital in 1986 and established the Gold Coast Lung Function Laboratory at the Pacific Private Clinic in Southport in 1991.

He co-founded the Gold Coast Sleep Disorders Centre in Southport in 1994 and has been practising as a Respiratory Physician on the Gold Coast for over 20 years.

Michael has local and international expertise in all areas of sleep problems, particularly obstructive sleep apnoea, having attended Stanford University School of Sleep Medicine in 1995.

Michael consults from his office at Pacific Private Clinic in Southport. His patients have the choice of undergoing their sleep studies at either end of the Gold Coast in the well appointed suites at Pindara Hospital, Benowa or John Flynn Hospital, Tugun.

Dr Thompson's uninsured patients can be offered studies in Brisbane or the Gold Coast with low out-of-pocket expense.
Contact details:

Suite 7, Level 3
Pacific Private Clinic
123 Nerang Street
Southport Q 4215
Ph:(07) 5591 7188
Fax:(07)5591 7410


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