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Welcome to our "Children's Links Section"

This Section is brought to you with our compliments because we care about our Children. There are lot of unsavory sites on the Internet however we feel the following are good clean sites which may prove of interest to many children and students alike and even parents!

  • A directory for children of all ages covering many resources and hobbies.

  • All About Pets - This is an Australian site with heaps of information about all types of pets, from cats to horses as well as ads for pets for sale.

  • Bored? Just in case you are! Here is a site that links to some other very interesting sites. There all types of things you can do. There are links to crosswords, movie reviews, horoscopes, games and various other things to keep you amused. Check it out at:

  • Children's Literature Guide. This site has something for everyone! Children or adults.

  • Children's Health. This site will also be of interest to everyone.
    Children and parents.

  • Child & Youth Help. You can find news on Health and other information important information here.

  • Cradle2Kindy - Have a comprehensive range of services for parents which cover areas like assistance with cying babies, coping with and managing reflux and toddler behavioural issues.

  • Diabetes - This is an interesting site for children with type 1 Diabetes.
    Parents will also find it of interest we feel sure! It takes a little while to load however, it is worth the wait.

  • Drug Arm - An Australian site - (Drug Awareness, Rehabilitation and Management) is a non-government, non-profit organisation committed to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle without the use of unnecessary drugs.
    A good site about dedicated people and the services they provide.

  • Drug Rehab.com - A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents - a guide that we feel every parent should have in order to educate themselves, as well as their children about this issue.

  • Education Network Australia. It covers a large range of educational resources for Australians.

  • Epilepsy Association of Australia - The Epilepsy Association provides information, education, guidance and support to all people affected by seizures and epilepsy. They also educate the community to be supportive of people with seizures. A wonderful site.

  • Get creative - This is a Web site for children where they can read stories, listen to them and also write them. Great for the child who is creative!

  • Google partner. OneKey teams up with Google to offer a childrens safe search engine. Filtering techniques are used to eliminate the unsuitable sites.
    However regardless, it still is able to provide one of the biggest databases on the internet.

  • Hello Kitty. This is the official site of Hello kitty which is popular with children and adults alike.

  • Kids Help - Kids help gives 24 hour counselling and also tells you how you may become a Counsellor and more.

  • Kid Safe Searching. This is an internet search engine developed by a parent of 4 who was apprehensive about what his children and what they may find on the Internet when they are using the Internet for research. The search engine will sift through around 2 million sites all of which are classified as safe for children.

  • Learn the piano! This site hosts many lessons for the beginner to help them get started.

  • National Geographic. This site is for children which lists many activities for children, including crafts, recipes, science, activities, sports and much more.

  • The Raising Children Network The Network sees its role as providing information that can help parents with the day-to-day decisions of raising children, as well as looking after their own needs. A very good site and could beneficial to parents and grand parents alike.

  • Reading for all ages - This site has a big selection of stories, with illustrations for children of all ages.

  • Reflux Infant's Support Association (RISA) Inc
    Are a non-profit community support group who provide information
    and emotional support to families with children who suffer from
    gastro-oesophageal reflux.
    Telephone 07 3229 1090
    PO Box 1598
    Fortitude Valley 4006
    email info@reflux.org.au
    Web site

  • Salvation Army youth support - The good old Salvo's! Here is a there youth support site - Well worth a look for Children and Parents alike.

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Parents and Teachers - If you have any sites you feel you could recommend for our children please feel free to e-mail their details. Thank you!

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