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The purpose of this Cairns Doctors4U® Medical Directory is to make it as easy as possible for you to locate a Doctor, Chemist, Gym, Health Retreat or Hospital in Cairns and beyond.

We also have listings for local Businesses who supply
Medical Equipment and other Health Services and much more!

If you are looking for a Doctor you will see their listings are split into four categories:

GP's & Specialists or Doctors A to Z: Medical Practitioners in these listings are presented in alphabetical order according to the first letter in their surname. So if you know the Doctor's name and just want an address or phone number this is the one for you.

Cairns Doctors Bulk billing: Here you will find Cairns Bulk billing Doctors

Drs by Location: Cairns Doctors are listed here according to their location. Many Medical Centres are also listed here. So if you are looking for your nearest Doctor or just want to know which Doctors are available to you in a certain location please check here.

Specialist Listings: Medical Practitioners who specialise in a particular field are listed here. So if you are looking for a Specialist in the Cairns area or its surrounds this is the place go.

To choose a directory listing category click on one of the links above or choose from the menu in the left margin.

For all other Services including Chemists and Pharmacists, Hospitals, Health Insurance Funds, Community or Emergency Help Services, Medical Equipment and other Services, local Gymnasiums & Health Retreats. You will find these under the Services & Direct links to in the left margin of each page.

Enlarged listings: is a special facility which we feel will help Doctors, Chemists and Hospitals & other professionals tell you about the services they provide. You will see links to these Enlarged listings in the left margin of each page. Or look for this button
at the bottom of their listing. By clicking on the button you can go straight to their Enlarged listing where you will be able to see and read about their services in detail.

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