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Doctors4U® Medical Directories - By people who care -
" For Health Professionals who care! "

Doctors4U® is an Australian owned, trade marked & registered business, located on Queensland's Gold Coast. e-mail
Fax 07 5533 2093

Our Doctors4U® Medical Directories are a quick reference of the names and addresses of doctors working in Australia. Our Doctors4U® Medical Directories are not intended as a recommendation, referral, or endorsement of any particular Doctor or as a tool for verifying the credentials, qualifications, or abilities of any such Doctors.

Our Web Site is accessible through the following domains:

Our dedication - Our vision!

We are dedicated to helping our fellow Citizens!
We aspire to values and principles, which gives us a vision. A vision for the future, a vision where real values and principles will help us to attain that vision. Collectively, those values and principles will light our path and guide our decisions thus ensuring all of our subscribers the very best of service at all times.

We feel, having such dedication will preserve our integrity and strengthen our relationships with all those we come in contact with and at the same time we are providing that which is so important to us -

A Service to Help our Fellow Citizens!

We know we are Helping our fellow Citizens because our Directories have become an essential tool for locating Medical Practitioners, Allied Health Professionals and various Healthcare facilities throughout Australia as well as providing much information to the Community on important health matters.

We have established our Directories to satisfy a need within the Community and by providing these facilities on the Internet for Doctors, Chemists, Gymnasiums, Health Funds, Hospitals, Health Retreats, suppliers of Medical Equipment and other health aids, details of various Community and Emergency help facilities and much more, in all Capital Cities as well as Cairns, the Gold Coast and Launceston. And we know we are helping to satisfy that need by much positive feed back daily!

We also include Retirement Homes and Villas in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast as well as a Travel Agent who supports us.

Many databases on the Internet are are just so difficult and confusing to negotiate. Not so with ours. Our database Directories are simplistic and easy to find your way around, thus ensuring Health Professionals will be located in the shortest possible time. Another positive feature is our listings, when completed, can always be current! We ensure this by providing a free amendment service for all of our members.

We know that by providing these Directories and services we are satisfying that important need we mentioned! We are also helping to make a crucial contribution to the health of our fellow Citizens!

We are always grateful of any comments, suggestions or articles which you feel may be of assistance and benefit to us and others.

We especially invite articles from Health Professionals which we will happily display free of charge if they are a subscriber.

The positive feedback we have had since our commencement in early 2002 is just tremendous. It is coming from all areas of the globe including locals and Australians overseas as well as people wishing to visit our wonderful country! And to all those people who have provided such feed back we sincerely thank you because we at Doctors4U® just love helping people wherever and whenever we can -
Because we care!

Please - If you find any broken links on this site we would appreciate an
e mail
because from time to time some links do become unworkable.

Remember, these facilities are for you! Our fellow Citizens-
Please Enjoy them.
Thank you and Good Health!.

The Manager

"The words" Australia's own", where ever appearing in any of our directories means, Doctors4U Medical Directories designed by Australians for Internet reference only.

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*The words" Australia's own", where ever appearing in any of our directories means, Doctors4U Medical Directories designed by Australians for Internet reference only.